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If you are looking for solar panels in Coimbatore, Concept Engineers can help you with any type of services.

It has specially treated Duronox SS 304 L Tank which ensures durability and resistance against corrosion. The tank comes with a 5 year warranty assuring a dependable service.

It has a durable and strong outer body. Racold Vacuum Tubes are designed keeping with International standards ensuring optimum energy absorption and higher efficiency.

A unique float valve offered by Racold, that eliminates long air vents to ensure safe usage, particularly in high wind velocity areas. It is suitable for hard water applications up to 1000 PPM, 500 Chloride and 7.5 pH.

Racold’s unique design ensures durability, low maintenance and blends seamlessly with building aesthetics. High pressure withstanding capacity makes it suitable for pressurized applications.

Zinc Allu sheet is used to increase durability and for stronger outer body. Multi-function Safety Valve makes solar water heater the safest with pressure relief, non-return, anti-vacuum and drainage function.



This technology is neither dependent on electricity nor on diesel, thus the people at remote locations can also avail the benefit and enhance their cropping area with regular water supply through Solar pump.

It is sacrosanct from electricity which hampers productivity of an individual due to load sharing and interrupted electric supply. Solar pumps are free from problems like feeder damage, supply cut, rate hikes.

It has been observed that due to frequent voltage fluctuations, most of motors get burnt and are lying at the service centres. Our solar pump generates constant and good quality of energy which enhances life of pumps up to 25 years.

Other motors require high torque when it is operated by electricity, but our new solar technology doesn’t require it and merely affects rotor which enhances pump’s life.

Our solar pumps are specially designed with latest technology which lowers the risk of damages and protects it from many unfavourable conditions. Our solar panels are made up of tempered glasses which are durable.



Our solar – powered LED lighting solutions harness the Sun’s energy to provide high – quality illumination for indoor and outdoor applications. It delivers a convenient, sustainable way to light your space with minimal investment and maintenance.

It is a stand alone system and works even when there is no grid supply. It is easy to transport and install anywhere and is suitable for remote areas too. It provides lighting for 10 – 12 hours daily without running cost.

It has become a boon to local bodies as they can save electricity consumption charges. It has no need for manual operation as it has automatic switch ‘on / off’ facility. Non – profit organizations can also use them for their campuses.

Solar street lights are being installed by the local bodies – Panchayats, Municipal corporations in large numbers by availing subsidy so as to reduce the recurring power consumption charges.

Electricity generated by the Photovoltaic module charges the battery during the day time which powers the luminaire from dusk to dawn. The systems lights at dusk and switches off at dawn automatically.



We are an acclaimed name engaged in offering our precious clients a superior quality range of Building Integrated Photovoltaics. This product is highly efficient in Off – Grid and Grid tied.

The offered product is designed using superior quality materials & leading techniques in accordance with the standards of Industry. Our product is used to replace conventional building materials in parts of the building and also used as shadowing systems.

Solar panels collects the sun’s energy that is to be used as power and electricity. It serves as an electricity generator. Secondly, installing solar panels will give you huge savings that will make your bills cost less.

Solar panels reduce your carbon footprint by choosing renewable energy. It provides energy for today, protecting the environment for tomorrow. It generates a tax free income guaranteed for 20 years. It also energize your home for lower costs.

Solar panels don’t require so much space, and they can be mounted almost anywhere. Most house owners decide to mount on rooftops, where space is often wasted and it’s easy to get sunshine. Most solar panels should last for about 25 years – and may even outlast your roof!



Cascade is one of the pioneers and the largest solar water heater manufacturer in the state of Tamilnadu.

Cascade manufactures one of the finest solar water heaters in its own facility which has a track record of more than 60 years.

Cascade offers more than 46 models and combinations from 100 to 100,000 Ltrs per day systems, suitable to any type site conditions.

Recent models can generate temperature upto 114 Deg C and few models can even work with ppm levels exceeding 2000.






Get India’s best solar domestic water geyser and energy saver water heater for your home. 

Racold’s solar domestic water heaters can prove to be a exceptional product.

Racold received Best Performed Manufacturer on Installation of Solar Water Heaters for 2 years in a row awarded MNRE.

The Alpha range of solar water heaters uses a high energy absorption vacuum tube of over 1800mm
length which ensures optimum energy absorption and high efficiency.

The energy efficient Racold Solar water heater recovers the cost of the product in less than 2 years from the electricity savings.

Racold Vacuum Tubes are designed keeping with international standards ensuring optimum energy absorption and higher efficiency.





V-Guard V-Hot Series Solar Water Heaters come with an evacuated tube V-GUARD SOLAR WATER HEATER
collector system that enables an optimal utilisation of solar energy.

It cut down on your electricity bills and ensures hot water even when there is a power cut with the V-Guard’s
V-Hot Series of Solar Water Heaters.

With the compact looks, low height and light weight models VGuard Solar water could be the best
electricity saver for Home


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