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Boiling the water or using conventional purifiers (UV) only kills bacteria and viruses, but doesn’t remove dissolved impurities. RO purifiers, besides removing bacteria and viruses, also removes harmful dissolved impurities.

KENT’s patented Mineral RO Technology retains essential natural minerals in purified water using the TDS Controller, thereby providing 100% safe and tasty drinking water.

UV Water Purifiers use a high power 11W UV lamp to harness the power of UV to disinfect water and make it free of deadly bacteria and viruses. It is appropriate for purification of tap and municipal corporation’s water.

Double purification by UF by UV removes dead bacteria, viruses and cysts from the fine pores of Hollow Fibre UF Membrane, thereby providing 100% pure, safe & tasty drinking water, which is ideal for consumption.

It has Inbuilt Storage Tank to ensure continuous supply of water. The Activated Carbon Pre-filter in the purifier reduces bad taste and odour providing purified water that is healthy, tasty and safe to drink. We are one of the best Water Purifier sales and service company in Coimbatore




We have this technology which supports purification for more than 2,000 litres of water consumption every day without compromising on quality of water and is low of running cost.

With an advanced dozing tank system, the purifiers are fully automatic in functioning and don’t need any special attention. They work effortlessly on voltage fluctuations and are power efficient.

All metal parts are completely safe and corrosion resistant while the plastic parts are non-breakable ABS plastic components. This ensures that purified water remains safe and pure while in the purifier for long duration.

The purifier can be placed anywhere on the floor and can even be placed on a counter top which is stable and sturdy. They can be easily shifted to any other location and used.

Since the purifiers are extremely customizable, simple to use and highly efficient, they can work well in every industry and whosoever values the need for purified water and health of their people.



We have cold water tanks of different litres capacity, so that you get more cold water each time. Our powerful & efficient 100 W compressors ensure faster cooling so that you don’t have to worry about waiting for cold water, ever.

Our water dispensers look simple and sober. They fit everywhere — be it your home or office setting. Made from high-quality ABS plastic, our water dispensers are durable and tough for rugged use.

High Capacity Puff Insulated Cooling Tank keeps the water cool for a longer time in the hygienic stainless steel tank, thus increasing efficiency & reducing power consumption.

Noise-Free Condensor is the heat exchanger, which is a static one which makes no noise and keeps the environment peaceful. It has the capacity to cool above 5 litres per hour.

Our dispensers are equipped with compressors that use non – CFC based refrigerant and hence are environment-friendly. It offers water of different temperatures varied from hot to cold and also at room temperatures.



Whole House Filtration system removes all impurities like dirt, mud, sand and other sediments above 5 microns from water, right at the source, giving you pure water throughout the house.

Whole House Filtration System is the perfect solution to ensure quality water throughout your house to reduce dirt and sediments causing clogging and discolouration of your fixtures and tiles.

It does not waste a single drop of water or use any electricity. Unlike other local filters, it does not choke easily due to its depth filtration technology. It removes any impurity bigger than 5 microns.

The systems are made specifically to ensure that all water at home from your pipes to your taps, fixtures, bathroom fittings do not get harmed due to clogging and sedimentation.

It uses superior grooved depth filtration technology to have a longer life and better performance. Thick filtration medium leads to longer life and better performance. It protects fixtures and fittings too.

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